The community of .etc mentors comprises more than 100 experts from various industries, including Russia, the USA, the UK, Europe and other countries and regions. Here are just a few names:
Alex Menn
Investor at Sdelano, ParkApp, Mercaux, Elementaree, Generation Transfer, QBIK

Vadim Fedchin
Venture investor, partner at Etcetera Ventures Ltd.
Alessandra Sollberger
Founder and CEO at Bright Mentors and Evermore Health, ex-partner at Blackstone & Mosaic Ventures
Joyeeta Das
Founder and СЕО at Gyana.co.uk, ex-CPO at Cisco
Anastasia Shvetsova
Partner at M & APR, еx-head of PR at Strelka institute, Afisha
Stanislav Pyatikop
Product director at Wheely
Mikhail Karpov
Product director at SkyEng, co-founder at ProductCamp, ex-head of multimedia VKontakte
Dmitry Pluschev
Partner at Tsentsiper, ex-Merchant partnership director at Visa
Arthur Arsionov
Founder at Looi
Anton Krohmalyuk
СМО at Mobio
Irina Sergeeva
Head of Digital at British Higher School of Design
Anastasia Popova
Lead UI/UX designer at IBM Russia & CIS, Lector at British Higher School of Design
Zviad Kardava
Developer relations at Google
Anna Mikhina
Head of mobile at Tinkoff
Ksenia Petrova
Head of monetisation at SkyEng
Denis Blinov
Head of products at Avito
Arseniy Alikhanov
Analytical consultant at Google
Dmitry Matskevich
CEO at Dbrain
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