22 February / Faculty of Law, the Cube

«Intersection between Blockchain and AI» seminar

Organised by
.etc Ventures
United Business Angels
Oxford Fintech & SmartLaw Society
A blockchain platform to collectivelly build AI Apps
Symbiosis between Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may create an infinite number of applications enabling to disrupt literally every industry.

By joining this event, you will be able to learn more about THE current state of the AI and DLT alliance, as well as to participate in a live discussion with industry experts and get their insights about existing benefits and risks.

Together we will study the most thrilling cases where AI and DLT complement each other.

Vadim Fedchin
Oxford alumnus, MSc in Law and Finance (2015), Oxford Fintech Programme (2018), VC investor, founder of United Business Angels (UBA) Ltd., partner at Etcetera Ventures Ltd.
Ivan Gorshunov
Partner at Etcetera Ventures Ltd., CMO at Dbrain.io, Google Launchpad Mentor, ex Mobile Apps Product Expert at Google.
22 February, 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm,
Venue: Faculty of Law, the Cube
The Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UL. The Cube.
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